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Welcome to Contextual Coaching, where I am strongly committed to nurturing the growth of educational leaders, teachers, and organisations to thrive and achieve success. I specialise in facilitating transformative progress within the ever-evolving education landscape, leveraging my experience in teaching, coaching, research, and accreditation supervision. With a strong foundation of practical and research experience, I specialise in crafting highly tailored strategies that empower individuals, teams, and school communities to thrive, achieve success, and experience growth. In my collaborative work, I deeply respect the fact that each organisation possesses its own distinct context, staff, goals, and objectives, making it unique.

Creating Your Positive Learning Environment
  • Leveraging new research

  • Collaborate to establish or nurture a positive learning environment

  • Fostering a genuine sense of autonomy, competence, and connection

  • Impacting learning, motivation, and overall wellbeing

  • Developing a coaching program with a positive influence that supports all learners

Your Context, Community, and Professional Growth
  • Contextual Coaching as a process, not a one-time session

  • Evaluation of existing programs for impact and improvement

  • Strategic implementation with a focus on sufficient resource allocation: optimising time, financial and energy investments

  • Utilisation of established and newly generated evidence

  • Ongoing impact measurement

  • Adaptability to meet contextual needs

Personalised Individual and Team Coaching Sessions
  • Qualification as an EMCC coach and instructional coach

  • Experienced in various coaching stances from more directive to less directive

  • Pragmatic and individualised approach to professional growth that encompasses motivation, learning and wellbeing

  • Providing personalised coaching sessions for aspiring and established coaches​

I invite you to explore the transformative potential of contextual coaching with me.

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