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Recipient of 2024 ICSEI/JPCC Innovation Award

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The Journal of Professional Capital and Community (JPCC) editorial team is delighted to announce that Andrea Stringer of the University of New South Wales is the Recipient of this year's Innovation Award.​

Recipient of 2024 New Voice in Educational Leadership Research Scholarship

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  • An aspiring educational leader
  • Teaching qualifications
  • Currently employed in an educational institution in the state/territory
  • Recently completed (in the past 5 years) a Doctorate in Education
  • Demonstrated excellence in educational leadership research
  • Demonstrated capacity as a forward-thinking, relevant and responsive educator

What others say...

"Andrea assisted me in many ways, but one that will stay with me and has changed how I work as a leader in a school was through the use of building upon my own communication skills. Andrea was able to teach me the art of careful listening, asking questions, and really understanding what a colleague is asking of you. Through the discussions we had, I was able to see where and how these techniques would benefit me and my staff, and I was able to act on them immediately following our sessions. I moved myself from a solution-only focused leader to a leader who works with his staff to find solutions."                               

Assistant Principal, Victoria

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