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Tailored Solutions for Your Organisation

Strategic Planning

I facilitate a collaborative approach to crafting a strategic plan that aligns with your organisation's aims for school improvement. I prioritise the collection and presentation of evidence to maximise efficacy and productivity for present and future outcomes.

Individual & Team Coaching

Coaching sessions are strategically intended to empower leaders, teams, and teachers by providing them with the strategies and skills needed to amplify their effectiveness. Individual goals influence my coaching approach aimed at achieving optimal results.

Organisational Development

For the provision of improved effectiveness and achievement for organisations, I prioritise enhancing organisational structures and operations. The implementation and de-implementation of strategies and practices are contingent upon pre-determined evidence.

Coach Training

I provide comprehensive training services in instructional and facilitative coaching to address your requirements and desired results. Furthermore, I facilitate reflective practice sessions with the intention of enhancing the skills of experienced coaches.

Measure Impact

I specialise in the development of individualised evaluative tools that I carefully design to establish and assess the effectiveness of contextualised programs. Whether you're just starting or have an existing program, I can create a detailed data report for you with my expertise and resources.

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Coaching Concepts

Various concepts and activities can be incorporated into your workshops specifically designed for your contextual needs. These include: coaching theories, various coaching stances, wellbeing, emotional intelligence, feedback, coaching skills, frameworks and models.

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